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Brick Veeneers Installation in Northern Virginia

If we were to rank the best construction materials, brick would undoubtedly show up in the highest places. Not only is it sturdy, but it also provides a classic, signature look that is hard to replicate. Despite being a robust option, for some projects, there are better options than brick, but they look the same. However, If you’d still like to incorporate the look of brick in your home improvement project, there is another alternative that is just as excellent: brick veneers. As expert masons, we are certain of its capacity. Because of that, we not only provide superior brick veneer installation but also show you why brick veneers are great and all the amazing projects you can achieve with them.

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Half the Weight, Half the Cost, Double The Opportunities!

Brick veneers are a type of wall cladding with the look of bricks. Their main function isn’t structural support but an aesthetic component used on various surfaces. Because of that, they count on distinctive traits that make them a more light, affordable, and versatile option:

Wonderful Options Through Quality Services

Thanks to their wonderful benefits, brick veneers offer various options to enhance your property’s surfaces with their distinctive look. Residential and commercial property owners in Northern VA can get high-quality applications through our design-build solutions at Lotus Masonry Below are a few ideas!

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If you want to opt for brick veneers on your next home improvement project in Northern VA, you won’t be let down when you work with professionals like us at Lotus Masonry. Our licensed, insured, and warranted services guarantee nothing less than your satisfaction at competitive prices.

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