Paver Installers in Manassas, VA

If you’re looking for materials that offer a wide range of options to create stunning outdoor spaces, patio pavers are one of the top alternatives. These paving stones are man-crafted with the leading construction materials out there.

This means that they won’t only resist all the wear and tear that exterior spaces bear, but also offer you excellent choices, which are more affordable than other natural materials. They’re also known and loved for the wonderful patterns you can create with them.

At  Lotus Masonry, our paver installers in Manassas, VA, provide every type of paver installation. Check them out below:

Brick Pavers

This reliable construction material can be turned into beautiful exterior applications, like walkways, retaining walls, and more. The color of brick pavers is natural, so that it won’t fade.

Stone Pavers

The resistance and charm of natural stones are hard to beat, but they can also be made into stone pavers, which are cut in various shapes and extremely strong when installed.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are a better choice for areas with heavier traffic, like driveways, and won’t cost much to install or maintain. They also come in various shapes and colors.


Full Quality Under Full Services

Patio pavers are not glued together but laid instead. That makes them an incredibly cost-effective option, but this doesn’t mean anyone can apply them correctly.

In fact, patio pavers should be laid by professionals to last a long time, not cause issues, and be easier to maintain. For that matter, you want to choose the best paver installers in Manassas, VA, and Prince William County, which we ensure at Lotus Masonry.

We provide licensed and insured solutions with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Proof of that is that all our work has a 1-year warranty, whether on our design-build or maintenance solutions.

Our paver installers in Manassas, VA, and Prince William County will cover every detail to ensure high-quality patio paver installation. All you have to do is schedule your project. Contact us today!

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