Masonry Services in Manassas, VA

Masonry work is extensive, and so are our masonry services in Manassas, VA. At Lotus Masonry you will find the perfect option for every need, style, and budget, thanks to our masonry, paver, and concrete solutions. Each of our options has its benefits and quality-guarantee measures. Learn what these are below!

Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is everlasting. Not only in its structure but also its charm. Any brick structure has a timeless appeal: patios, chimneys, fireplaces, columns, walkways— you name it. Quality materials and masonry services in Manassas will offer the best value for money. We provide both at Lotus Masonry.


Stone Masonry

Stone masonry has all the best traits of natural stone, providing your structures with them. Since they come from nature, where they withstand the elements, these, along with wear and heavy loads, are no match for them. Such robust materials require solid masonry services in Manassas to install, which you can acquire through us.


Brick, stone, and concrete can also be used through other cost-effective techniques, such as patio pavers. It is a preferred choice for building stunning driveways and patios, but it can also be used in various other applications. At Lotus Masonry, we use two of the best options: clay and flagstone pavers.

Concrete Work

Apart from quality masonry work, at Lotus Masonry, we provide another excellent option: concrete work. Ideal for creating large structures at a low cost, concrete can come in handy for home and business owners in Fairfax who want to boost their properties with concrete driveways, patios, steps, stairs, and more.


Veneer Walls

Many people love brick and stone for curb appeal — and we get that! Because of this, we use our design-build solutions to help integrate these materials into your indoor and outdoor spaces through wall veneers.

Get Trusty Services!

Lotus Masonry, we help you design, build, and maintain a product that will stand out from the rest yet complement your property beautifully. All our solutions are available for residential and commercial needs.

Our licensed and insured masonry services in Manassas and Prince William County won’t fail. You will receive a 1-year warranty that ensures this. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, a 1 year warranty, and lots of industry experience. We’re fully licensed and insured. Call now for a free estimate (703) 585-0469!
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