Stone Masonry

Nature provides wonderful things, and one of them is stone —also known as one of the most solid construction materials there is. What stone has in strength, it has also in appeal. Every piece is unique. When combined with quality stone masonry in Manassas, it results in the most stunning applications.

At Lotus Masonry, masonry is our specialty, and stone is one of our premium materials. Combined with our licensed, insured, and warranted solutions, you will obtain an exclusive product in both quality and looks. See the options we offer below!

stone masory services
Stone Patio Services

Stone Patio

Many colors, textures, and patterns can make up your stone patio when you choose to work with this material. Regardless of your choice, the fantastic finished product is almost maintenance-less, requiring only minimal cleaning to look incredible.

Stone Retaining Wall Services

Stone Retaining Wall

A stone retaining wall is the perfect addition to your garden or landscape. It not only merges exquisitely with the scene but also resists wear from the elements excellently. Additionally, it is one of the strongest materials to build a retaining wall, providing support for ages.

Stone Fireplace Services

Stone Fireplace

Once again, the strength and resistance provided by stone make it the ideal technique to implement in projects that will receive a lot of wear and tear or be under extreme conditions, such as heat. Therefore, a stone fireplace won’t disappoint and will keep your home safe, warm, and in style!

Stone Steps Services

Stone Steps

Steps made with natural stone have a charming and unique beauty to them. With proper stone masonry in Manassas, VA, your stone steps won’t move, wear down, or degrade as easily as other materials, conserving their one-of-a-kind look for decades!

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