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Brick Repair in Northern Virginia

Home and business owners that opt for brick to build various applications and structures on their property have the reliability of a sturdy construction material. It provides a classic look without lacking strength. However, even the tiniest defect, left unresolved, could pose a major threat to the entire structure.

At Lotus Masonry, we ensure your brick structures don’t lose the amazing advantages you know and love about them through premium brick repair in Northern Virginia. Learn more about our masonry restoration solutions below!

Our Process


The secret to the perfect outdoor space and stone patio is to determine and provide what works for you and your layout. We collaborate with you to provide a design that complements your landscape and meets your lifestyle needs.

Site Preparation:

Proper site preparation is crucial for a long-lasting stone patio. We assess the terrain and make necessary adjustments to ensure proper drainage and structural integrity, preventing issues like pooling water or uneven settling.

Material Selection:

We offer a wide range of premium-quality stone options, including flagstone, bluestone, limestone, and more. Each material has its aesthetic appeal and durability, and our team helps you select the perfect stone for your patio.


Our skilled craftsmen meticulously lay each stone, paying attention to detail and precision. We employ industry-leading techniques to ensure resistance, neatness, and longevity, whether dry-laid or mortar-set installation.

Finishing Touches:

We believe in the importance of the finer details. Once the stones are in place, we meticulously fill joints, apply sealants (if necessary), and add any desired accents or enhancements to enhance the beauty of your patio.

Final Inspection:

Before we consider the project complete, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that every aspect of your stone patio meets our high-quality standards. We address any final adjustments for your total satisfaction.

Why Hire Lotus Masonry?

Precision makes the difference between an average patio and catalog-worthy outdoor spaces. It also ensures durability and cost-effectiveness. At Lotus Masonry, we can provide all of these aspects in every stone patio installation in Northern VA we do, thanks to the following:


Our patio contractors are licensed, insured, and certified, which verifies their knowledge of how to install all types of stone patios accurately.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are trained in the art of natural stone and stone paver patio installation, employing high-quality techniques and materials to achieve durable results.


At Lotus Masonry, we not only provide secure stone patio installation in Northern Virginia, but we also back our product with a 1-year work warranty.


We do the brick repair right the first time and have access to vendor discounts and grade-A tools to provide competitive prices for our patio services.

The Best Patio Contractors in Northern Virginia!

Your stone patio will do wonders for your exterior spaces, just like our experts do at Lotus Masonry. We secure licensed, insured, and warranted stone patio installation in Northern VA, with safe construction and competitive prices.

All you have to do is walk us through your needs to provide an exact solution for them. Make your consultations today!

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